In September 2013, at the invitation of Émilie Pécunia, then the programmer of the Mad In Sauve Festival, Jan Naets came to install Tatiana-Mosio Bongonga’s wire for an ascending crossing of the river that flows at the foot of the medieval village.

At the beginning, everything was complicated; the equipment, the weather, the costumes, the available resources. But the team continued to dream and managed to overcome each obstacle.

At the last minute, Pascale Valenta joined the tightrope walk with her singing, and Maxime Leynele provided the sound. Solenne Capmas (costumer), also originally from the village, figured out how to dress Tatiana because the two dresses she had created for her had been exhibited at the National Center for Stage Costumes for a year.

The crossing finally took place and achieved a touched and fascinated success. At the end of this magical moment, Tatiana, Jan, and Émilie had only one desire: to do it again. Here and elsewhere. Storming the minds of the trio, ideas poured in. Desires sharpened, and dreams took shape. Basinga was born.
Tatiana, regularly sought after for eventful crossings, takes the team along each time, and a unique show begins to take shape.

The Basinga Company is part of the L’Oktopus Association, whose objective is to promote the performing and graphic arts. Through its production role, L’Oktopus provides artistic, technical, and administrative support to projects led by its members. It also carries out cultural activities in its territory through the organization of events and workshops.

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