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Territory Project

Traversée is a two-week tightrope walking adventure born of many encounters, rather than of technical achievement. It tells the story of our connection to the earth and the sky, to each other and to ourselves. This approach suggests using the tightrope walker, the risk-taking inherent in this discipline, its symbolism of the pursuit of balance and equilibrium, its rare but universal character, to bring the public together around questions we consider essential: Being and Being together.”

Traversée is a tightrope walker performance in public space, at a great height (between 15 and 50m high over a variable length of about 100m to 200m) It can only be produced thanks to the participation of around a hundred local volunteers and the complicity of an entire neighborhood. This show combines the monumental dimension with the intimate dimension of encounters, giving us a new perspective on the living spaces, stimulating our collective imagination and bringing us together. This performance is closely linked to the places where it takes place, and is accompanied by the music of professional and amateur musicians.

It includes 2 weeks of daily presence on a territory to lead cultural actions and meetings in order to associate 50 to 150 voluntary inhabitants to the artistic creation (music, cavalettis, costumes, discovery of the wire and photos) of the spectacular tightrope walker performance.

For now, Traversée is only deployed in France.


Production :

Basinga Company / Oktopus Association

Coproduction & residencies

Eclats de Rue – Caen / La Cascade – PNC Bourg St Andéol / Le Carré Magique – PNC Bretagne / Peripheral space La Villette – Paris / Festival Les 7 Collines – St Etienne / 2 Circus hubs in Normandy : La Brèche à Cherbourg – Circus-Theater d’Elbeuf / Public spaces – CNAR Marseille / Atelier 231 – CNAR Sotteville Les Rouen / CIRCA – PNC Auch / Furies – PNC Chalons en Champagne / CREAC – PNC Marseille / Awaln’art – Morocco / City of Simorre

Support :

The Ministry of Culture: DGCA – circus creation & DRAC Occitanie circus project support / Conseil régional Occitanie / Conseil départemental du Gard / Les Monuments Nationaux / Centre National des Arts du Cirque. The company is supported in all its projects by the BNP Paribas Foundation.

Distribution (Casting) :

Tightrope walker: Tatiana-Mosio Bongonga; Musicians: Jérémy Manche or Djeyla Roz, Pascale Valenta; Conductor : Adrien Amey or Camille Secheppet; Dramaturgy-Poetry: Rémi David; Director-Exterior view: Julien Marchaisseau; Choreography: Anna Rodriguez; Costumes: Solenne Capmas; Technical: Jan Naets, Simon Pourque, Rémy Legeay, Gael Honneger, Maxime Leneyle; Production: Marie Lacoux, Manuel Rascalou, Camille Foucher; Cultural mediation: Alice Lamy.

Creation Steps:

As audience participation is a key aspect of the project, the main creation phase will be followed by an initial period of show diffusion, necessary to validate our progress in this area.A second period of work will enable us to finalize the show and launch the presentation of the complete project.

First laboratories 2013-2015: Sauve (30), Hérisson en Fête (63), Chalons en Champagne (51)

2015 to May 2017: main creative period

May-September 2017: 1st project diffusion period in its phase 1

Oct 17 to March 2018: creative finalization period

March 18: launch of project diffusion in its phase 2

Creative work – 2016

  • April: Residency at Carré Magique, PNC – Lannion (22) & public residency (2-week immersion in the region with singing and tightrope-walking workshops)
  • June: Residency at La Brèche, Cherbourg (14) & public residency (lighting work, cavaletti installation test)
  • July: Residency at Festival Les 7 Collines, St Etienne (42) & public residency (development of singing workshops)
  • August: Centre des Monuments Nationaux, Carcassonne (11) & public residency (work on the choreography for Tatiana and the whole team, work on the montage, work on the live music, and first audience participation).
  • August: Kulturkalas and Gothenburg Dance & Theatre Festivals, Sweden
  • Sept: City of Caen, Eclats de Rue (14) & public residency (test of great length and height, live music work)
  • Sept: Festival Todos, Portugal & public presentation (tightrope workshops for all generations, partnership with 50 live guitarists)

Creative work 2017:

  • Jan 25-Feb 1: Lieux Publics residency in Marseille (13) / Sirènes et Midi net – BIAC (work on montage with audience solicitation)
  • February 6-26: Residency at La Cascade, PNC Bourg St Andéol (07) (choreographic and dramaturgical work + singing and tightrope-walking workshops)
  • April 1 – April 8: ComCom Piémont Cévenol (30) public season opening on April 8

1st Edition 2017:

  • May 25&26: Festival Gare au Gorille – PNC Lannion (22) 2 live montage tests with viewers
  • June 2: Fête du chapiteau Bleu – Tremblay en France (93)
  • June 17: Préalables d’Alba La Romaine – Le Teil (07)
  • July 1: Vivacité – Sotteville les Rouen (76) Residency and work on singing
  • October 14: CC Houdremont La Courneuve (93)

Final creative work

  • Sept17 – March18: 5-week residency at the Condorcet secondary school in Nîmes as part of the Gard department’s “Artists at College” program.
  • Nov 17: Residency at Simorre and Lycée Garros d’Auch in partnership with Circa
  • Feb 18: Residency in Chalons en Champagne’s Saint Michel neighborhood with Furies
  • March 2018: Residency in Maromme (76) Théâtre d’Elbeuf

2nd Edition – 2018 and beyond (under construction) :

  • March 24: Spring Festival – FINAL CREATION
  • June: Furies – Chalons en Champagne (51)
  • June: “In circus” & Cratères Surfaces – Alès

Cultural Action to Build:

  • It all starts with an invitation. The company, accompanied by local partners, meets with local residents, associations, musicians, designers, people who want to make things with their hands, their mouths, their hearts, and with the people who live there.
  • Each person introduces him or herself, gets to know and talk to the others, and with these first encounters, the first workshops are launched.
  • During the installation, the company’s team will propose various workshops, enabling them to meet local residents and integrate 80 to 100 people into the show, giving them a unique experience around tightrope walking.

Tightrope workshops:

  •  A good dose of freedom is given to the emotions and issues specific to this discipline, which is characterized by the taming of risk, the search for balance, self-knowledge, concentration and endurance. These initiations also provide an insight into the funambulist performance to come, touching the sensations of this discipline at close quarters.
  • These workshops essentially take place in the public space in an unconvened way every day. It might also be interesting to organize some tightrope-walking workshops in a local school during the 1st week of set-up, for example.

Music Workshops:

  • We invite 10 to 50 amateur musicians and/or singers to provide musical accompaniment for the show, guided by a conductor and accompanied by three Basinga musicians. The music will combine the company’s own compositions with pieces written for the occasion.
  • Availability required: 3 x 3-hour workshops + dress rehearsal + performance. The choirmaster will be available in advance to talk with local musicians and facilitate mobilization.

Cavalettist Workshops:

  • A number of people take part, depending on the length of the tightrope, holding the cavaletti – ropes attached to the tightrope. They serve to limit its oscillations, enabling the tightrope walker to progress. Cavalettists experience the crossing in an intense way. They play a key role in the show. Wire activities and/or cooperative games can be offered to complete the experience.
  • Requested availability: 1 test walk / 1 dress rehearsal / 1 performance

Costume Workshops:

  • To create costumes for all the participants, the costume designer opens her studio and/or travels to other locations, so that both experienced and novice hands can participate in the creation and crafting of different elements in wool, fabric, pearls, pompoms… At each new setting, the costumes evolve and adopt new attributes created by the participants.
  • These costumes also create figures/characters that run through the show.

Photo Workshops:

  • From the costumes created, the photographer invites local residents to create a character, choose costumes and put them on. They then embody these creatures and perform them on stage. First in an indoor studio, then in the city or in the homes of local residents.
  • The photos are then distributed around the neighborhood.

Want to find out more about this show? Download our artistic file (FR only)

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