Cultural Action

Basinga company likes to go off on a tangent and share its values and art with the public through cultural and artistic action projects in businesses, hospitals, prisons, sports facilities and medical and social services.

Through the practice of tightrope walking, sewing, character creation, photography and initiation to the rope walker’s profession, the company offers its public a chance to take a step sideways towards encounter, the search for balance and self-knowledge, opening up paths towards cooperation, surpassing oneself and resilience.

These different projects, called “Tanjentes”, are created in residence over several days in the institutions or companies that welcome us.


Tomorrow, as you see it, as you make it

10 days at the Mathalin Medical and Educational Institute in Auch.

As part of its partnership with CIRCa (the Circus Center in Auch, France) Basinga will spend a week at the medical and educational institute (IME) Mathalin in Auch, inviting young people from the institute to shape the world of tomorrow they hope for, worry about or desire, in an unbridled way, through a wide range of artistic expressions.

In a few months or years, the young people at the IME Mathalin will be as autonomous as possible to lead their lives in the world. Tomorrow brings a thousand images, unbalances us, delights us or worries us. So let’s have fun shaping it as we would like it to be!

The Basinga company offers young people a multi-faceted artistic experience, inviting them to imagine and build “their” world, the world of their future, the world of their nightmares, the world of their dreams.

Using a variety of artistic media, the young people will create spaces in sound, matter, movement and image that can be observed and crossed like a living and moving exhibition. Photography, body expression, balancing on a tightrope, sound creation, plastic fabrication and rope play are all tools that the Basinga company uses in synergy in its own work. Basinga invites young people to play with these tools to freely create large-scale images of their dream world. They will be artisans, actors, curators, performers and audiences of this living exhibition, which will play with the large and the small, the risky and the impossible, the dream and the mad.

Project to support a group of young apprentice tightrope walkers from priority neighborhoods – March / Oct 2023

Basinga leads a project with young people from priority neighborhoods in various French cities, where the Traversée territory project has been implemented.

These young people were all trained as tightrope walkers in open-access outdoor workshops during the Traversée program in their neighborhoods.

As part of its partnership with CIRCa (the Circus Center in Auch, France) and the “Fédération Française des Ecoles de Cirque” (French Federation of Circus Schools), Basinga will take this group of young people to the 2023 edition of the CIRCa festival, to introduce them to the world of contemporary circus, give them the opportunity to present their work on stage in public, and continue to defend the accessibility of art to everyone.

Within this emblematic festival of the circus world, and historic gathering of circus schools from France and abroad, the arrival of this group will also highlight the teaching of tightrope walking.