conference lectures basinga

Tatiana-Mosio Bongonga and Jan Naets are committed to addressing a range of professional issues specific to the world of live performance in general, and the world of circus in particular: parenthood and pregnancy, managing the body and its injuries, safety… These exchanges put the person behind the professional at the center. The aim is not only to provide answers, but also to federate a network of mutual aid between live performance professionals.

These conferences and presentations can be organized in a variety of contexts: circus schools, festivals, companies, etc…

Circus and motherhood: how do you combine life as a circus artist with parenthood? + -

The aim here is to raise the issue of parenthood in the circus arts, and to explore this still taboo subject: that of the maternity of high-intensity artists, from their pregnancy to their reintegration into the professional market. Intervention in the form of a round-table discussion and sharing of experience with the public during professional circus events, or in circus schools to raise awareness among students.

1h30 talk with debate.

Screening and debate based on the documentary Skywalk Above Prague + -

Skywalk Above Prague tells the story of Basinga’s adventure during one of its greatest crossings or traverses, over the Vltava River in the Czech Republic in 2019 during the Letni Letna Festival. A wire stretched 35m high and 400m long. From technical preparation, to physical and mental preparation, to teamwork and the origins of the tightrope walking passion, this documentary provides an opportunity for exchange and discussion on the universal subjects of risk-taking, passion, teamwork and physical and mental challenge.

2h event: 50min screening + debate

Woman's journey and athlete's journey + -

This is an inspiring talk about Tatiana-Mosio Bongonga’s journey: from her discovery of the art of tightrope walking by chance, to her doubts and fears, to the construction of her identity as a woman artist, company co-director and young mother ; her desire to elevate her discipline to the top level of sport, and to take a fresh look at circus performers, whom she considers to be highly physical athletes.

1h intervention.


Risk-taking: How is it necessary for autonomy and freedom? + -

Risk is different from danger. Because risk is controlled, weighed up, thought about and worked on for many hours to be tamed. The point here is to raise the issue of risk-taking as a necessity for autonomy and self-improvement. Our society tends to establish too many safeguards and precautionary principles, which are detrimental to the freedom of each individual to test his or her own limits. To dare. Who better than the tightrope walker to embody risk, the risk of dying, who sings the hymn to life inscribed in each of his or her steps.

Sharing experiences and 1h30 discussion.