Lignes OuvertesOpen Lines
Exceptional custom form

Moving forward and overcoming obstacles doesn’t mean burying our fears or weaknesses. On the contrary, it’s about accepting them, taking them on and progressing with them. Our so-called balance is merely the sum of our imbalances. The tightrope walker has no power without those who accompany him, secure his ascent, set his wires, put his work to music and watch him. It’s not a superhuman figure who walks on a wire, but an association of people who make this event possible.

Anchored on the ground and in the air, rich in history and heritage, the question Basinga wishes to raise is that of the importance of everyone’s role.

For a festival, an event, the development of a place or a building, in collaboration with other artists or in its simplest form, Basinga proposes to invent with you unique tightrope walks.

Height from 15m to infinity. Length from 70m to 600m. Duration from 25 to 45 minutes. Live Music


Call for Participants

The organizer, through his contacts and the media, will make a call for participants to welcome a certain number of volunteers. All participants will be connected to each other, to the technical team and to the tightrope walker, for the duration of this aerial dance using cavaletti.


What is a cavaletti? Cavaletti are ropes placed astride the wire and which, by being connected to the ground, stabilise the tightrope walker’s wire by limiting its left-right oscillation. These ropes can be held by people, that makes the installation much easier and allows us to give a simple but important role to the inhabitants. Without them, the tightrope walker would not be able to cross on the wire and the show would not take place.
Holding a cavaletti is simple. All you have to do is enter a loop that you place under your buttocks and put some of your weight backwards to maintain a constant light tension on the rope. Cavalettists are never alone, the Basinga team looks after them and helps them if necessary.

Cultural Action to Open

To make this “Open Lines” a stronger part of your territory and/or include other local residents in this event, we can organize different workshops.

Music Workshops

We invite several amateur musicians and/or singers (between 10 and 50 people) provide musical accompaniment for the show, guided by a conductor and supported by two Basinga musicians. The music will combine the company’s own compositions with pieces written for the occasion.

Availability required: 3 x 3-hour workshops + dress rehearsal + performance. The conductor will be available in advance to talk with local musicians and facilitate mobilization.

Tightrope Workshops

When we start the “Lignes Ouvertes” installation and when the tightrope walker is training, we often get requests to try out tightrope walk with the balance beam. We can plan times of discovery, exchange and sharing around this discipline. These initiations also provide an opportunity to get the measure of the funambulist performance to come, by experiencing the sensations of this art up close.

GRIP Workshop

Group for Research and Interaction with walls and Partitions.

Discovery of the rope access technician’s work. Because the art of tightrope walking is not just the art of walking on a wire, but also the art of making paths appear in the sky, and to make them real with all the ingenuity possible. These workshops take place outdoors, in selected locations. Participants will work with the daily tools used by rope access technicians (pulley systems, ropes, karabiners, etc.) to explore notions of tension and strength, by creating a collective zip-line or rappelling.

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