Experience Tatiana Mosio-Bongonga dance at a height of 20 metres between the buildings of Nøjsomhed – to live music.

Without those who support her, ensuring her ascent, set the lines, watch her, the tightrope artist has no power. This is not a superhuman figure walking on a tightrope. It is an association of people who, together, make it possible.

For the French company Cie Basinga, collaboration with the local residents and active participation of the audience are prerequisites for the performance to take place.

Tatiana-Mosio Bongonga is one of the rare high wire artists in the world who performs at great heights. This performance will be accompanied by live musicians and a team of volunteers who will maintain the supports.

Because “Open Lines” is above all a collective experience: When Tatiana Mosio-Bongonga embarks on a 200-meter choreographed journey at a height of 20 metres without any safety harness, it is more than 50 local volunteers from the housing area of Nøjsomhed and from the rest of Helsingør, who will stabilize the line as cavalettists (cavaletti being cross ropes held by body weight), while local musicians become part of the Basinga Band, creating a musical dialogue with the high wire artist as she moves through the air between the buildings in the area of Nøjsomhed.

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